Don’t DIY: Trust the Experts for Your Next Gift


Gifting Gurus, Sultans of Snacks, Cinderellas of Celebrationswe call ourselves a lot of names. There’s no denying it; our team of seasoned pros has been around the block a time or two. We know exactly what it takes to not only create the perfect gifting solution but also execute the design and delivery flawlessly. Why? Well, we’re the experts! 

Before you start assembling a gift box on your own for your next corporate meeting or event, here’s why you should turn to the experts for help.

It’s what we do

We’re not spring chickens when it comes to creating the perfect gift. Our roots are in corporate meeting planning. In fact, our team has a combined 25 years of experience planning some of the largest meetings, incentive programs, and events across the globe. Why do it yourself when you’ve got the Eventure team at your fingertips?

We know what’s hot

You don’t want to risk sending a gift that’s a flop. It’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends or coolest items in gift giving, but that’s where we come in. Let us flex our creative muscles to design the perfect gift that fits perfectly within your budget. Plus, our longstanding relationships with wholesale vendors allow us to purchase items at volume, making it easier on your corporate purse. 

We handle the not-so-fun stuff

The fun part of gift giving is the shopping, right? But what happens next? You have to find a box, wrap the box, deliver the box…and that’s not so fun. At Eventure, we take care of it all for you. From fulfillment to shipping and troubleshooting problems, we’ve got it all covered. In January alone, we designed, packed, and mailed more than 6,000 boxes! 

We go beyond the box

Don’t just send a box. Instead, create an experience. We know you’ve fallen victim to watching unboxing videos on YouTube, and there’s a reason…it’s exciting to open a surprise! Our experts will work with you to understand your overall goals and meeting objectives to create an amazing experience that’s sure to wow any of your attendees. For us, it’s more than a box; the gifting experience is a seamless extension of your brand story.

Don’t settle for a DIY gifting solution when it comes to your next corporate meeting or event. Trust the experts to create the ultimate celebration.