Hello. We’re Eventure.

Creative gifting solutions for every meeting type

Covid-19 changed the live events industry forever. Virtual meetings have quickly gained speed, but the personal connection is lost. No matter how well-produced virtual meetings are, they’re just not the same as being there in person. Like crazy people, we started asking ourselves questions. How can we bring the personal to virtual? What can we do to help people feel like they are an important part of an event while sitting on their couch in a dress shirt and pajama pants? How do we connect every attendee no matter how many miles separate them?
How cool would it be if we could deliver meaningful, event-focused gifts straight to the attendees’ doors?

And with that, Eventure was born.

Is this your first Eventure? Let’s THINK INSIDE THE BOX!

We hate the expression, “Think outside the box.” Because really, what more does it do than create an overwhelming sense of anxiety to come up with a needle-in-the-haystack idea that changes the world. No pressure, right?

Eventure takes the opposite approach. We look inward and see the potential of the box. We use the constructs of your brand, theme, and overall strategic meeting messaging to create a unique gift box that inspires, recognizes, and motivates your recipients. Our Eventure boxes are a unique touchpoint for each of your guests that says, “Hey, we might not be meeting like we are used to…but we’re still thinking about you. We value your presence.”

Think of Eventure as your new BFF

Whether virtual, hybrid, or live, Eventure is by your side! We’ve created gifting solutions with you in mind. From confetti cannons to coconut chips, we’ve curated the best products from trusted companies to ensure your attendees get the most out of their experience. Our customer service reps are creative geniuses that will take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. Together, the possibilities are endless.