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Eventure is your one-stop shop for all virtual, hybrid, and live event gifting needs. Unlike any other company, we combine our background in corporate event planning with an easy-to-use, integrated shopping platform. We are passionate about providing the perfect gift, and we know the importance of bringing people together, no matter where their seat is.

What kind of event are you planning?

Virtual Meeting

Being remote doesn’t stop us and shouldn’t stop you! Bring your attendees closer—even when they’re miles apart—with a gifting experience delivered to their door.

Hybrid Program

Think inside the box and outside of the ballroom. Wherever your attendees are, make certain each attendee has the same, engaging experience.

Live Event

In-person gifting strengthens your meeting or event. A gift can amplify your messaging, entertain guests, and reward attendees with things they actually want.

Enhance the at-home experience with our Connect Boxes

With this experience, it doesn’t matter where your attendees are seated. A seamless virtual gifting experience ensures every attendee feels like they’re in the meeting room.

Celebrate attendees with our Applause Boxes

Recognition and celebrating success are what we at Eventure are all about. Investing in your team is more than buying them a gift; it’s about acknowledging their achievements and their individuality.

Promote wellness inside and out with our Wellness Boxes

Wellness at a meeting isn’t a trend any longer; it’s a necessity. By being mindful about your attendees’ physical and mental health, you have the unique opportunity to enhance their mindset, allowing them to absorb more of the conference content.

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