Build Your Own Gifting Adventure

“Darkness is falling. You discover a hidden path in the middle of the damp forest. What do you do? Turn to page 96 if you want to follow the path. Turn to page 37 if you want to turn around and return safely to the village.”

Remember the excitement of reading these books where you could choose your own adventure? Your heart would race and your energy would build as the words flew off of the page. Wouldn’t it be great to capture that same exhilaration with your meeting attendees? Now you can take your attendees along for the ride with our BYOB: Build Your Own Boxes.

Not every meeting is the same, which is why it’s tough for event planners to find a perfect, off-the-shelf gift to excite their meeting attendees. Rather than spending hours trying to source your gifts (then additional hours packaging all of these gifts), turn to the gifting experts at Eventure. 

We’re event planners at heart, so we know what it takes to pull off an amazing event. 

Our team is well-versed in creating the perfect gift for your specific audience, and we take the hassle and headache out of finding just the right surprise for your attendees.

Every event is unique, and no one knows this better than us. We start by determining what you want to accomplish with your event in the first place. Are you celebrating a product launch? Send a gift box to your team to highlight this occasion and share important product information. Did your team go above and beyond to meet business goals? Send them a box to congratulate your team for their hard work. The opportunities are endless.

To make it easy, we’ve already created a few boxes for you. Check out our Connect Boxes, which allow you to build connections with your employees, partners, and clients with carefully curated goodies like brain snacks or notebooks. Our Applause Boxes keep the celebrations going strong with non-alcoholic bubbly and confetti. Or try our Wellness Boxes, which promote a healthy lifestyle, including items such as skincare solutions or resistance bands.

Imagine this: “You’re planning an event, and it’s nearing at breakneck speed. You’re short on staff but high on expectations, and you know you need to impress your audience with the perfect gift. Do you spend extra time sourcing, packing, and delivering hundreds of gifts alone, or do you make one call to an expert gifting team?” Which adventure will you choose?