What You’re Missing from Your Virtual Program – The Element of Surprise

Another day, another eight hours spent staring at a computer screen. The only difference about today is the fact that you have a virtual event. But your hopes aren’t high. You think that it’s going to be the same boring day spent peering into your computer, trying to stay awake and multi-tasking while tuning in. But just as you’re about to sign on to the virtual meeting, you hear a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, you open it to find a gorgeous package sitting on your doorstep. You try to remember if you had ordered anything online recently as you tear into the packaging. To your surprise, inside is a gift from your company, filled with all kinds of goodies to help you get through this meeting. 


Now that’s the kind of surprise that we like. 


Why Surprise?

If the above paragraph had you thinking, “Well, what goodies were in the box?”, “I want one!” or, if you’re asking yourself, “Why should I send my attendees a gifting surprise for my virtual event?” we have the answers. Not only does gifting show your appreciation for your virtual attendees, it breaks up the monotony. We’ve all heard of virtual fatigue. And it’s real. When people spend their days on computers in and out of virtual meetings, spending an event or conference on one can seem like too much of the same. Even the most well thought out virtual programs need something to add excitement. Sending a gift gets attendees engaged from the get-go. 


How to Surprise?

There are many ways that you can surprise your attendees with virtual event gifting. Some companies like to send attendees an email with a virtual swag bag. But to us, that seems more than mundane. While the virtual gifts inside may be great, the way they received them is the same: through the computer. We feel like the element of surprise is much stronger when the gift is delivered straight to their door. It adds excitement and intrigue much more than any email ever could. 


What to Surprise With?

The possibilities of what to include in your attendees’ virtual gifts are basically endless. But we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite things to include in virtual event gifts. 

  • The Goods
    • Online classes, such as a fitness or painting class
    • Gift card for takeout or food delivery
    • Virtual tours, such as a virtual wine tasting 
    • Branded notebook and pen for meeting notes
    • Blue light blocking glasses
    • Prepackaged brain snacks, such as nuts, chocolate, or popcorn
    • Branded water bottle
    • Video streaming voucher for a month of free streaming
    • Coffee or tea with a mug
    • E-book relating to your event’s content
    • Branded laptop sticker
    • Fuzzy slippers 
    • Hand sanitizer, plus a holder that connects to bags
    • Wireless charger
    • Charity donation of their choice
  • Customized Goods
    • Engraved wine or whiskey glasses
    • Bluetooth tracker for easily lost items, such as keys
    • Personal recognition awards or web pages dedicated to winners
    • Branded moleskin notebooks


I’m in. Who do I Order the Surprise From?

Us, of course! At Eventure, we specialize in virtual gifting solutions. We know the best ways to surprise your attendees and engage them in your events. But not only do we pride ourselves in the gifts themselves, we also take pride in the way we get our gifts to your attendees: safely. Our staff is temperature checked, masked/gloved up, and socially distanced—all done with your attendees in mind. Check out our virtual gifting solutions, and let Eventure surprise and delight your guests!