What is the Ultimate Virtual Meeting Gift?

What is the Ultimate Virtual Meeting Gift?

During this unusual time of COVID-19, many of us have had to deal with the challenges of not being able to see others in person, especially when it comes to working from home. Whether it be trying to Zoom with a coworker only to have the Wi-Fi cut out or having to deal with that one person who just can’t seem to figure out how to mute themselves on a video conference, we’ve all faced challenges. But what about trying to find the perfect virtual gifting solution for your now-online event? How are you supposed to pick the ultimate gift for your virtual meeting’s attendees when you can’t even see their faces?

What is the “Ultimate” Gift?

Event gifting can be a challenge in and of itself, but discovering the ideal gift to send to virtual event attendees is a whole new dilemma. Virtual gifting is a difficult problem to tackle because you can’t see how your guests react when receiving the package. But fear not! There are fantastic gifts that can be sent directly to your guests’ doors that are guaranteed to leave a smile on their faces.

So, what are the best gifts to send to our virtual friends? The answer depends on your meeting’s goal. Gifting should always align with the purpose of your gathering. Some of these objectives could be celebrating your attendees, promoting wellness, or enhancing the at-home experience.

Celebrate Your Attendees

One common reason for gifting your attendees is to show your appreciation for the hard work they’ve contributed to your organization. It may seem difficult to truly express that gratitude with a virtual gift, but we know from experience that this is absolutely possible when done correctly.

ultimate gift for your virtual meetingThere are many excellent ideas for sending a celebratory gift, such as:

  • A confetti cannon
  • Bubbly glasses
  • A personal recognition web landing page
  • Monogrammed…anything
  • A cupcake kit

Promote Wellness

Another reason to gift that has risen in popularity in the last few years is to promote attendees’ health and wellness. Being healthy today means more than just physical health; it includes mental health, as well. In today’s world, leading a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever—it ensures that our minds and bodies are strong. Why not advocate for this by sending your virtual guests some health-focused goodies?

For your attendees’ wellness gift, there are many possibilities:

  • A virtual yoga class
  • An online meditation session
  • KN95 face mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Travel resistance bands set

Enhance the At-Home Experience

Finally, a challenging task for any virtual event is making those at-home guests feel as if they are in the meeting room even when they are lounging on their couch sporting sweatpants and a messy bun. This is where an at-home experience gift comes in. The right gifts can help your attendees feel as connected to a virtual event as they would a live event.

These items could include:

Customize Your Attendees’ Gifts

All of the virtual gifting options discussed above work for those specific situations, but what about the companies who want to praise their employees while encouraging them to be healthy and making them feel truly connected to the event? Don’t worry—there’s a solution for that, too: a customizable ultimate gift for your virtual meeting attendees. Eventure knows that pre-packaged gifts need to be tweaked just a bit in order to personalize it to your specific audience. This is why we created a platform that allows you to BYOB: Build Your Own Box! Curating the perfect gift for your attendees is made easy with our BYOB options. Customization lets your guests know that you wanted their gift to be made exclusively for them.