So Many Boxes: Eventure by the Numbers

From snack boxes to sophisticated gifts, our team of meeting planners knows just what it takes to engage, excite, and empower your teams with a creative gifting solution. No matter where your attendees are seated, we send branded gift boxes directly to their front door. This exciting virtual gifting experience ensures every attendee feels like they are right there in the meeting room with you. Plus, our seamless process makes it easy on meeting planners because we source items, pack, and ship the gift boxes for you.

Eventure is a popular choice for all virtual, hybrid, and live event gifting needs, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

  •     7,000+ branded boxes have been shipped to six countries.
  •     4,000 bags of jerky have been included in boxes, providing important brain food for meeting attendees.
  •     3,000 cans of cold brew coffee have been requested, showcasing just how important it is to fuel your meeting attendees.
  •     2,500 pairs of socks have been mailed in boxes, proving adding a fun flair to a gift is always a good idea.
  •     Plus, our team has 25 years of experience in meeting planning.

Trust uswe can handle your gifting needs!

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.

1.)   Let’s discuss your brand, overall event theme, and strategic messages. We want your gift box to be a seamless extension of your brand. That’s why we customize everything, including the box itself! 

2.)   Tell us what type of event you’re planning. Is it a corporate shindig? A national sales meeting? An employee recognition event? 

3.)   We’ll review your event goals to distill the essence of your box. How do you want your employees to feel when they open their special boxes? Celebrated? Motivated? Educated? Appreciated? 

4.)   Sit back and relax because we handle the rest. That means no ordering, inventorying, packing, or cleaning up of gift boxes. No trips to the post office and no tracking hundreds or thousands of packages to make sure they make it to their final destination. We told youwe’ve got you covered.

  •  We’ll curate a box with the best products from trusted companies to ensure your attendees get the most out of their experience.
  •   We look for unique vendors, including small, local, and diverse businesses. 
  •   We work within your budget to find the most impactful items for your team.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the Gifting Gurus at Eventure for your next meeting or event!