Responsible Gifting: Choosing Brands Who Care


Making a difference in the world may seem like a difficult task, but even small decisions, such as researching a company before you buy from them, can make big differences. You would be surprised how much good can come from the money you spend on a company’s products. That’s why we at Eventure always do our due diligence to ensure that we are incorporating socially responsible brands into our boxes. We think it is important to care for our communities and our earth, and we have found organizations that share this mindset.  

Below is a list of brands included in our gifting options who share our values and give back to those who need it most: 



In both our Connect Boxes and Wellness Boxes, you will find a Jaanuu reusable, antimicrobial face mask. Not only are they comfortable, stylish, and durable, but they are also made by a socially responsible company. For each one million masks Jaanuu sells, they give back a million to non-profit organizations. These organizations are Baby2Baby, Union Rescue Mission, LA Family Housing, and the River Fund. 



KIND—it’s in the name. In both our Connect Boxes and Wellness Boxes, attendees will find KIND bars, which are delicious and made with “nutritionally-dense ingredients.” As an organization, KIND considers themselves a “not-only-for-profit” company. They have several “give back” initiatives, including their “Snack & Give Back Project” in which they redesign their packaging to show support for communities that deserve kindness. They also started their own non-profit organization, The KIND Foundation, to further their efforts. In total, they have committed over $34.5 million to charities, volunteered 53,970 hours, and reached 74,249 young people. 



Attendees receiving our Collaborate Box will find a branded Moleskine notebook inside. Along with being able to take notes at your event, your guests can also feel good about having a product from a company who cares. The Moleskine Foundation, the company’s own non-profit, is what they call “an unconventional cultural incubator.” Focusing on African communities, the foundation gives “unconventional educational tools and experiences that help foster critical thinking, creative doing and life-long learning, with a focus on underserved communities.” 



High quality and made in the USA, our BlackStrap athletic face masks can be found in our men’s and women’s Vitality Boxes. While BlackStrap is a company that produces great products, they are also taking steps to protect the environment. BlackStrap’s Waste-Zero initiative helps to reduce the amount of waste created by the company by utilizing scrap materials to create other innovative products.



Found in both our Connect Boxes, Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP is not only a tasty treat, but they are also an organization that cares. Their mission statement explains that they are “committed to bringing a BOOM of positive energy to support the boundless futures of women and children everywhere.” While empowering their employees, BOOMCHICKAPOP also gives back to a number of organizations, such as Partners for Affordable Housing, Feeding Our Communities Partners, Jeremiah Program, and more. 



The fantastic Que bottle can be found in our Collaborate Box. Not only is this collapsible water bottle travel-friendly and adorable, but it is also produced by a company that is truly concerned about our environment. As we discussed in a previous blog*, Que is an extremely earth-conscious company. Along with giving back to organizations focused on saving our planet, such as the Rainforest Trust, Que is also intentional in their design of their bottles. They make sure not to use any plastic in their bottles, opting for non-toxic, BPA-free silicon instead. 


We are so proud to offer these products in our boxes, and we know that your attendees would love to receive any of these wonderful products! Check out all of our boxes that help raise funds for the causes these organizations support.