Quiz yourself: Which gift is right for you?


There are So. Many. Options when it comes to giving the perfect gift. This is especially true when you are trying to curate an amazing item to “wow” your meeting and event attendees. 

Think about all the personalities you work with. There are those colleagues who talk first in meetings (and maybe don’t stay quiet). Then there are those colleagues who don’t even want to turn on their webcam. Chances are, you have colleagues who are veterans in their job, and those who are just starting their careers. Think about what your colleagues do in their spare time. There are some who are on-the-go and others who prefer quiet weekends at home.

The point is, you work with a wide range of people, each with a wide range of interests. How can one gift meet everyone’s needs? The answer is simple – it can’t! 

That’s where we come in. We’re the gifting experts who know exactly what it takes to engage and excite your event attendees. We’re meeting planners by trade who’ve logged thousands (millions?) of hours meticulously finalizing every detail to create and execute the perfect event. We know the struggles you face, and the struggle is real!

Let us handle your gifting needs, and you’ll start to realize the potential of the box. Our team works with you to understand your meeting or event theme, brand, and overall goals and messaging to create the perfect gift box to delight and motivate your attendees. Learn more about our BYOB: Build Your Own Boxes here.

Now it’s time for some fun. Whether you want to know which box matches your personality or what box to gift your attendees, here are a couple quizzes to help you better understand what gifting type is right for you. 

What box matches my personality? 

What box should you gift your event attendees?