NSM: What’s Inside the Box?

National Sales Meeting Boxes

As many of us know, national sales meeting (NSM) season is just around the corner, but unlike previous years, things are going to look a bit different. With most events occurring virtually through this time, many changes will need to be made, and that includes changes to how gifting will be done. But if you’re like so many others who have been worried about gifting during this era of virtual meetings, stop stressing. We at Eventure have created three boxes that are perfect for your upcoming NSM.

Meeting in a Box

The first box you should be gifting your NSM attendees is our Meeting in a Box. Inside this box, your guests will find blue light blocking glasses. Did you know studies show that blue light can damage your retinal cells and can even cause a loss of vision over time? Knowing that so many people have been staring at their screens for months, giving your guests these protective glasses is a great way to reduce eyestrain and prevent long-term damage. Not only do the blue light blocking glasses protect your eyes from harmful rays, but they are also so cute. Along with blue light glasses, this box includes an adorable “Plan of Attack” notepad. There are spots for the date, objective, due date, and level of importance for each project or task (including “most critical,” “would be nice,” and “not a chance”). This will help your attendees get organized and ready to take on their work days. Additionally, the Meeting in a Box has a double-sided white board and marker, perfect for connecting during your national sales meeting. Whether they write their answers to questions asked during the meeting or just write a message to their work friends, it’s a great way to bring your guests together no matter where they are. Now you may be wondering: what about the snacks and drinks? As if we could forget! This box also includes Terra Chips, a Kind Bar, HighBrew Cold Brew Coffee, and Boxed Water.

AM/PM Break Box

The next box to send your NSM guests is our AM/PM Break Box. This box is designed to energize your attendees for your morning sessions and recharge them for any afternoon activities. Two boxes, labeled AM and PM, will be included, and each will contain snacks perfect for keeping your attendees engaged and ready for every session. For their morning caffeine boost, guests will be given a matcha green tea drop, along with an antioxidant-infused Loco cold brew coffee with maple water. Plus, an organic strawberry-pineapple Noka smoothie. Along with these drinks, the AM Box has Oh-Mazing original granola to start their day off right.

Later in the day when your attendees open their PM Box, they will find even more energy-inducing items, like the naturally caffeinated BRWD citrus and ginger energy drink. For afternoon snacks, guests will receive an organic beef and jalapeno bar and organic chewy fruit bites, flavored pineapple and passion fruit. To end on a sweet note, guests will find a delicious, dark chocolate, cranberry Kakookie. After a day filled with all these scrumptious snacks during their breaks, how could your attendees not be ready to take on the day?

Premium Snack Box

Didn’t think the last box was exactly what would curb your guests’ hunger? Then send them our Premium Snack Box instead! There are so many delicious snacks included in this premium box. One of those delectable snacks is the grass-fed sesame teriyaki beef jerky. Additionally, we will provide your guests with a yummy honey almond glaze mix including cranberries and Madagascar vanilla beans. Another tasty treat is our thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies. Still not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth? Our Premium Snack Boxes also have dark chocolate cubes with sea salt pistachios. Plus, guests will receive a keto-friendly Dang bar. Wondering about a gluten-free option? We also give them gluten-free, sweet and salty kettle corn. To wash it all down, we are sending your attendees cacao oat latte made with 100% whole grain oats, along with Boxed Water.

Why to Gift at Your Virtual NSM

Without the in-person connection of a live event, your salesforce is missing a huge sense of togetherness which can lead to a lack of motivation. The amazing aspect of a live NSM was coming together as a group, focused on a common goal. But that’s why it’s more important than ever to be sending your NSM guests a gift. Without a tangible component to your meeting, it is much easier for your attendees to feel less a part of your event, meaning decreased engagement. Not only could the absence of a gift cause less motivation and engagement, but it could also leave your sales team feeling unappreciated.

So if you want to get more out of your upcoming virtual NSM, consider sending a gift. And if you really want it to WOW your attendees, send them an Eventure Box! Did you like what you saw in our NSM boxes, but wish you could customize it for your meeting’s specific goals? Well, we can totally do that, too! Go to our Build Your Own Box page, and contact one of our Gifting Gurus to help ideate the perfect box for your national sales meeting. We’d love to chat about all things gifting!