National Sales Meeting Gifting

National Sales Meeting: What’s Missing?

Imagine a national sales meeting with engaged attendees, productive discussions, and objectives met. This successful meeting begins with a giftbox at the doorstep of attendees who, due to the pandemic, are now meeting virtually. Those gift boxes are key to generating the necessary excitement to begin that engagement process. Even with so many meetings and events having to move from live to virtual, people still need the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and remember why they are with their organization. Before the pandemic, one of the times when people could meet with their entire team was at national sales meetings.

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The National Sales Meeting

Typically occurring at the beginning of the year, a national sales meeting (NSM) is a time in which a company’s salesforce can all come together as a team for a number of organizational purposes. Whether your company’s goal is to train staff or to celebrate your top-performing team members, motivation is almost always an underlying purpose of an NSM. Inspiring your sales team is imperative to keep them working hard and moving toward their goals. But these meetings are also a time for the entire sales team to reconnect. With many organizations having a salesforce that spans the country or even the globe, a national sales meeting is the perfect time for everyone to come together. Plus, it’s an opportunity to remind employees why they chose their company and why they want to continue to work for them in the future.

There are several reasons you may be hosting a national sales meeting. As stated previously, the most common purpose for these kinds of events is motivating employees. With sales especially, making sure that your staff feels driven to reach their objectives is extremely important. Along with motivating, many NSMs also include an educational component, such as training or recertifying. Equipping your sales team with the necessary knowledge to succeed is yet another critical component. With this training, creating potential sales strategies and setting goals are also often included. Many organizations also use NSMs as a means of networking and even give their staff the ability to meet face-to-face (or Zoom-to-Zoom currently) with executives. Finally, your organization may find it beneficial to reward those who are performing well. Recognizing your top employees not only shows your appreciation for them, but it can also push them to continue this hard work. Plus, it can give your staff time to have fun and celebrate with people they don’t always get to see.

How to Enhance Your Virtual NSM

While the pandemic has forced many to rethink how their national sales meeting will take place in 2021, the above goals are still as important as ever. So how do you get these same messages across virtually? How do you motivate and inspire when you can’t connect with them in person? One solution that can help bring your staff together and connect them is a gift shipped straight to their door. Just as gifts were an important aspect of live NSMs to show appreciation and recognition, they are just as crucial for virtual meetings. Sending a gift to your NSM attendees can act as a reminder of why they joined your organization in the first place, and the items inside can act as memories for the time spent at your meeting. On top of that, a gift can connect your guests from across the country by sharing in the same gifting experience.

Still wondering what would act as the perfect gift for your upcoming NSM? Then check out Eventure Gifting’s new giftboxes, made specifically with national sales meetings in mind! There are three boxes offered by Eventure that act as a great addition to any NSM: the Meeting in a Box, the AM/PM Break Box, and the Premium Snack Box. Whether you’re looking to give them a gift that helps them better prepare for work or one that curbs their hunger while showing appreciation, these boxes bring your attendees together and create excitement for the meeting to come. But maybe you’re looking for something a bit more customized to your meeting’s goals? Eventure’s Gifting Gurus will also ideate with you to Build Your Own Box, ensuring that it goes hand in hand with your specific objectives.

Now more than ever, gifting is an essential part of national sales meetings. Due to the lack of personal connection caused by pivoting events to virtual, attendees need a way to feel close with people who may be thousands of miles away. In addition to the obvious appreciation that is shown through an organization sending their employees gifts, there is also the excitement that builds after receiving it and the engagement that accompanies this. Let Eventure make your upcoming virtual NSM as successful as possible with the help of a pre-curated or customized box!