Giving People the Gift of Safety and Comfort

Mask? Check. Washed hands? Check. Gloves? Check. Having daily temperature readings while being in a COVID-conscious facility and being socially distanced? Check, check, and check! At Eventure, we take your attendees’ health seriously. We know this pandemic has made many people wary or anxious thinking about ways they could potentially catch the virus. That’s why we wanted to make sure that there was no question about it: getting a gift from Eventure is 100% safe.

The minute our employees hit the doors of our facility, we begin the process to ensure that everything is sanitary and safe. First, we require all employees to be temperature checked before entering the building. The staff must also be wearing a mask, or they are not permitted inside the facility. Once they have been cleared, the employees are required to wash their hands before putting on protective gloves. Another precaution taken by Eventure employees is always maintaining at least six feet of distance when packing boxes. We work directly with appropriate state and local health officials and incorporate all relevant aspects of CDC guidance, making your experience as safe as it is effective.

Due to all the safety measures Eventure has in place, one thing is certain: the contents of your box will literallynever touch a human hand while in our facility! Yeah, we take your attendees’ health that seriously. We know that this time of uncertainty is difficult for everyone, including your attendees. So we work hard to make your gift-receiving guests feel as comfortable as possible when opening our gifts.

Looking to enhance your attendees’ health and safety even more? We can help with that. Our Wellness Boxes include items that can combat coronavirus. Not only do we include the basics, such as hand sanitizers and protective masks, we also provide items like the CleanKey. CleanKey helps you avoid touching public surfaces like touchscreens or buttons. Additionally, this product helps you open doors touch-free due to its unique design. We even use CleanKey in our facilities to avoid touching door handles! We realize how important your attendees and their health truly are, and that’s why we love giving them the gift of safety and comfort.

Have any questions about how we ensure your attendees’ health and safety? Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have!